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Oct. 1st, 1999

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My name is Beverly, and
below you can find out about me

My ICQ # 26467705 (SnowFlake)

Favorite Places: Home and on AOL

Favorite Music: Gangsta Rap, Hard Rock, Metal, Reggae, Alternative, Hip Hop, Dance, Classic Rock, and Even a Little Country!!!

Favorite Movies: Horror.... I love to be scared!!!

Favorite Sports/Teams: Chicago Bulls

Hobbies and Interests: Cruisin', Clubbin', Movies, Sex, Pinball, Pool (I suck at it), Darts (also suck at it), Music, And Of Course AOL!!!

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Magic 21

Magic 21 -
Free card game. For each "21" you make, you could win up to $4,999 in cash! Go try your hand  »

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